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What is interior design? As the name implies, it’s all about designing a living area – such as a bathroom or basement – while taking into account your needs, tastes, and budget, as well as the characteristics of the space …

Recently, I listed a home in South Calgary that was built with a Wood Foundation. This struck many buyers & Realtors as a flawed home. The lack of knowledge and miss-information has made a “wood” vs “concrete” foundations sound not “AS” good. …

Dealing with multiple offers You may think that having to deal with multiple offers on your home is a wonderful problem. After all, there are so many buyers clamoring to purchase your property! The challenge, however, is picking the best …


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Having managed the intense dynamics of the Music Industry since age 16 – my social interaction & experience navigating difficult decisions, situations & personalities is adept. Negotiation & being a “bulldog” in the business world has been a part of me since a very young age. My commitment as your REALTOR® is to provide you with the specialized real estate service you deserve – getting you what you want & always having your back! I work for you! Know that I treat my clients with the same quality of workmanship, ambition & assertiveness that I would want representative of myself in my own transactions with anything to do with business! Whether you’re buying or selling, I invite you to contact